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Introducing Vercel short URL beta

December 01, 2020

A few months ago, I posted on DEV how I setup GitHub Actions to deploy a short URL application to Vercel.

However it requires some complex setup such as token and project secrets management.

Now, I would like to introduce a new version of vercel-shorturl. In this version, you just clone the template repository, edit redirects.yml and deploy to Vercel.🎉

Or click the below button to deploy to Vercel immediately!😊

Deploy with Vercel

With this new version, you can edit your configuration through GitHub web interface and let Vercel GitHub Integration deploy it immediately.❤

Currently, it is still a beta version and I would like to hear your feedback!🤗 You can reach me on Twitter.


Demo is deployed with the example redirects.yml.

Here is some route you can try:

See more supported routing features in the example redirects.yml.


Custom page

You can override home page and 404 page by placing index.html and 404.html in project root.


vercel-shorturl can automatically send an event to Amplitude, just set Amplitude environment variable to your HTTP API key.

Why Vercel?

Because it's easy and free!✨

Why short URL?

Because it's easy to share and remember. You can set it to your own domain to improve your brand.