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How to use local fonts in Google Docs / Sheets / Slides

September 27, 2020 (Updated on July 25, 2021)

Currently, we can use Google Fonts in our Google Drive document including Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides by selecting More fonts in the font menu dropdown menu.

More fonts in the font menu dropdown

However, if we would like to use a local font from our computer, Google only supports some fonts. 🤷

The local fonts is categorized by language and will be available when all these conditions are met:

  1. That font is supported by Google.
  2. We have set the document language to match that font.
  3. We have that font installed locally. If we open the document on another machine that the font is not installed, our document will be formatted weirdly.

After we have completed the setup process, local fonts will be available immediately in the font dropdown menu 🔽.

Local fonts in the font dropdown menu

Set the document language

For Google Docs and Google Slides, File top-left menu > Language.

For Google Sheets, File top-left menu > Spreadsheet settings > General tab > Locale.

Supported fonts

Here is the list of the supported local fonts by language.

Any languages







See more about Thai font.

Chinese (PRC) - 中文(中国)

Chinese (Taiwan) - 中文(台湾)

Chinese (Hong Kong) - 中文(香港)